We met Candice over the Internet. I fell in love with an antique gilt gold mirror that was slightly damaged and she suggested she could make it for me. Maybe naively with very little due diligence (a google article or two) I decided to trust the process. She seemed passionate about her craft and extremely knowledgeable as it relates to restoration. I took a chance, sent her a deposit and waited for a sample. Soon enough a sample arrived. Beautiful and exactly as she described it, I realized Candice was the real deal. A few months later the beautiful mirror in these photos (forthcoming) arrived. The mirror will live in our home forever. Hopefully it will capture children laughing, holidays, seasons, probably a few arguments and most importantly the life cycle of a family. Candice’s craft will sit above our mantle and observe our first home as a family. I think more than anything what stuck me was when we called to tell Candice it arrived and I could hear in her voice just how special the mirror was to her. Candice loves her craft and her pieces exude that depth and warmth. Thank you for completing our home!